SEO for an Irish Jewellery Brand - Case Study

How it started

Filip has started to work on SEO only project for an Irish Jewellery Brand. The goal was to increase online visibility and get more sales. The client didn't know much about SEO. It was their Local Enterprise Office that recommended investing into SEO.

The Approach

What many people don't know is that SEO is different for each business. What differentiates experienced and not so experienced, non-specialist SEO's is having a vision and prioritising SEO tasks based on each website.

The Process

First, we have to gather as much information about the current SEO and ranking state. Then look at the level of competition in the industry the client is in.

After that comes planning. It is crucial to get a clear picture of what has to be done to increase rankings for a particular site. That is an SEO vision. Then create a SEO plan and execute it.

What to focus on

We focus a lot on user experience and monitoring user behavior when they browse the website or land on our landing page. We want to avoid getting the wrong audience on the site or not presenting them with the best content on the site.


Bonus: As always, we don’t focus just on what the client hired us. We look at the big picture and make other suggestions outside of SEO too.




The Result:

Relevant Organic traffic increase
Online Revenue Increase

"Filip has helped me a lot with my brand online. I let him do SEO research and we agreed on what to focus on. He has been helpful, easy to work with and has timely responses. I would highly recommend his services." A. Breen, brand owner

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