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Honest Marketing's SEO is up there with the best agencies with the most relevant experience of having worked on 40+ hotel's SEO.
SEO is about constant change and it makes a full time job to keep up with the latest trends, all the little details and research. We are always thinking "how can that help our clients do better online?

Here we do modern SEO - meaning it involves a certain engagement from the client's side. It's no major commitment, but SEO isn't just content and links anymore, it's more about working together with a hotel as a team.

One of the major trends in the last few years - the decline in organic traffic for hotels is talked about closed doors. OTA's have been owning the top results for organic "SEO" results for "hotels in..."

Google my business for hotels (local SEO optimisation) is getting more and more importance.

With Google's latest revamp of Google my business for hotels design at the beginning of 2019. The listing can be more important than your website. Think of it as a mini hotel site, because it displays everything that is relevant for the person searching for a hotel without them having to click to your website. We will work extensively to optimise the Google my business listing and any other source of traffic to every detail.

Remember, our package contains SEO and PPC for your hotel!

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Modern SEO

Modern SEO focuses on great user experience. Most people still associate SEO with getting people to the website, but what's also important is the experience those people get on your site. Google uses machine learning that tires to determine just that and rewards sites with better rankings! It also means more conversions as you provide more value with great user experience on the site.

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The Challenge with SEO for Hotels

Let's be honest, SEO for hotels is very challenging. There is strong competition in organic results coming from 3 types of competitors: other hotels, OTA's and journalists websites. That's one of the reasons why a lot of hotels out there are seeing decreases in their organic traffic.

Data can be misleading so we take up a holistic approach in understanding what is exactly going on with your traffic. For example, we don't just measure organic traffic, we measure "on SERP (search engine results)" traffic and interactions as well. That gives much more insight and many agencies aren't doing that. Where has the traffic shifted to, what caused a decrease or an increase in traffic and most importantly how it the revenue and the conversions doing?

At Honest Marketing we have only one goal and that is to get your site and digital marketing in a state of perfect!

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